Adult Fetishes in Movies

Fifty Shades of Grey and the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker are probably the most recent adult fetish movies. Both movies are filled with various adult fetishes ranging from bondage, masochism, submission, spanking and dominance. These fetishes also manifest in most adult fetishes movies both old and new.

Spanking. whether watching straight spanking or gay spanking videos , is probably one of the oldest fetish. Spanking can be done in a playful manner or intensely. When administered correctly, spanking can be extremely arousing to the women in the films as well as the men. The practice offers pain as an enjoyable alternative to pleasure.

Bondage is the other common practice portrayed in adult fetish movies. The ideal bondage focuses on the total immobilization while exposing the sexual organs and other erogenous zones. Bondage renders one helpless such that his or her partner has the freedom to do what he or she likes.

Dominance and submission go hand in hand. They can be perceived as general categories of all fetishes. For instance, spanking is a way of expressing dominance for the man and submission for the woman. Other forms of expressing dominance include spiting, denial of the service, requiring that the partner beg for mercy to get a reward, spitting or even pissing. Submission entails taking in all actions directed by the dominant towards him or her.

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